With Lake City's MFBG Beer Fest coming up, and Hodges Presbyterian nearly burning to the ground, you won't want to miss this issue of SCIWAY News.

September's Standout Event


Moore Farms Botanical Garden in Lake City

Travel to breweries across the Southeast without ever leaving Moore Farms Botanical Garden’s scenic grounds during the 6th annual MFBG Beer Fest. More than 40 local and regional craft breweries will be represented, offering a variety of beers and ciders that are sure to please even the most discerning aficionado. Local food trucks will be serving up delicious eats, and live music will be provided by Wet Nose Dog. You must be 21 or older to attend.

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The SC Landmark We Nearly Lost

On the night of August 19, Hodges Presbyterian Church - located in a tiny rural hamlet in Greenwood County - nearly burned to the ground. The church, established in 1899, was saved largely by the service of volunteer firefighters in the community. The blaze swallowed the church's entrance, roof, and steeple. It is believed to have begun when lightening struck the base of the belfry.
Scott Krause of Columbia, 2019 | Do Not Use Without Written Consent
Despite tremendous water damage, the central and front portions of the historic church remain intact. These include the alter, sanctuary, fellowship hall, offices, and session room. Miraculously, the church's prayer books and hymnals - tucked behind the pews - were protected from the fire as well.

Bill Segars of Hartsville, 2007 | Do Not Use Without Written Consent

The images above show the church as it appeared the day after it burned, as well as the church in happier times. They are among the many photographs of Hodges Presbyterian contributed to the South Carolina Picture Project by concerned citizens across the state. To see all of the images and learn more about the fire and discover the history of this historic church, please click the button below.

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